Tarot is a deck of playing cards with symbolic meanings that can be used for storytelling, art, and spirituality.

Continue reading to learn what experts in tarot have to say about the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing tarot or numerology like 222 angel number meaning for mental health.

The benefits of tarot for mental health

Tarot card use for healing and mental and emotional support has several advantages.

Self-care becomes soul care as a result.
For many years, people looked to organized religion to give their life meaning and to give them courage through difficult times.

Anxiety and depression can occasionally be signs that a person’s soul needs to be nurtured. Tarot connects deeply with the soul. It’s a highly effective vortex for exploring the collective unconscious and subconscious minds and discovering what’s going on beneath the surface.

It may support therapy.

You don’t have to pick between seeing a therapist, taking medication, and reading tarot. Like Hinson, many people consider tarot to be an important part of an all-encompassing strategy for mental wellness.

Tarot is not a universal panacea for mental health, but for me, it plays a significant role in my daily practice of mental hygiene.

Tarot can start a conversation.

Customers occasionally struggle to communicate. Tarot can help start the conversation moving.

“If a person pulls out the death card and their perception of the death card is different than mine, that’s a fantastic chance for us to talk about how the same scenario may bring forth different tales and interpretations,” they add. “[The death card] doesn’t have to be a negative thing, and we can utilize that to talk about life changes.

It’s growing more representative

Manduley adds that some of the older tarot card decks play into gender and class stereotypes.

Tarot cards are “gendered and boxed into masculine and feminine in many traditional decks,” they claim. “There is an inherent hierarchy, like the monarchy with its kings and queens.”