Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or simply known as ADHD is a condition among children and at times, adults. There are treatments prepared to deal with it that is focused on relieving symptoms and making it less of a problem.

ADHD Therapy

ADHD may be treated in a couple of ways, it is either through therapy or taking in medicine. However, the combination of two is a lot more effective. For the treatment, this is normally supervised by a specialist similar to:

  • Psychiatrist and;
  • Paediatrician


When it comes to taking medicines, there are 5 popular licensed drugs that are used for ADHD treatment and these include:

  1. Methylphenidate
  2. Dexamfetamine
  3. Lisdexamfetamine
  4. Atomoxetine
  5. Guanfacine

These medicines though are not considered as permanent cure but it can help those who have such condition to focus better, to feel calmer, have less impulsiveness and to learn as well as practice new skills.

There are medicines that ought to be taken on a daily basis but some could be taken only on school days. There are also breaks on the treatment which is sometimes recommended to be able to evaluate whether the drugs are working or not and whether or not it is still needed.