Neuroscience is a branch of science that allows us to better understand molecular factors to why there are mental disorders and on how to focus on treatment and research. Indeed, there are folks who have better ability of overcoming stress and problems. For instance, conflict and war; the same experience might lead to positive outcome for someone has more resiliency whereas those who have less, it might eventually lead to PTSD.

Why should We Study Neuroscience?

Being able to know and understand the resilience of neurobiology and finding effective ways of instilling resilience as well as cognitive reserve in others may help experts and scientists to perform a more appropriate action.

Known and popular methods of treatments and prevention can be customized in other regions too. Example of this would be in reducing stigma, promoting positive factors and treating depression for healthy brain.

Translational neuroscience is providing other means of seeing conditions similar to schizophrenia. This condition is causing cognitive problems both to motor skills and memory.

Early Detection is Key

At the moment, scientists are aware that early detection combined with effective treatment of mental health issues are crucial in identifying functionality, wellbeing and quality of life of patients.