Older people can use computer games to train their memory. The games keep the brain busy. They provide fun and variety, the players always experience new challenges. In this way, they promote memory. While enjoying the games, older people can sell dota skins for real money.

In animal experiments, neuroscientists show that a brain trained through experience can cope better with age-related memory problems. Nerve cells in the hippocampus grow back into old age when new stimuli stimulate the brain.

DOTA Skins and Hippocampus: Switching point in the brain

The hippocampus is an area in the brain where information from various senses flows together, is processed and passed on to the cerebral cortex. It is crucial for the formation of new memories and the transfer of memory contents from short-term to long-term memory. Each half of the brain has a hippocampus.

The hippocampus adapts to current challenges. Because the brain is not a rigid structure, but changes continuously with our personal experiences, for example through the formation and networking of new nerve cells.

PC DOTA skins games have a positive effect on the brain structure

Cognitive tests and magnetic resonance examinations of the brain show that computer games are well suited as a challenge for seniors. In addition, games can at least compensate for the consequences of a lack of exercise in the brain. dota skins

Some studies prove that exercise is helpful in the prevention and treatment of dementia. Computer games have similar effects on brain structure, although those affected hardly move. They also lead to an enlargement of the hippocampus.  After a certain training phase, the relevant areas of the brain reflect the challenges that games contain.

It is crucial that the players develop a three-dimensional idea, for example, move in virtual space. For your brain, it does not matter whether you train with real or virtual movement. The hippocampus grows and with it the efficiency of the memory.

Computer or video games can have a positive impact on the memory of older people. However, you must take note that playing excessively will have a negative effect on your mental health.