Mental health reports coming Florida life support centers show there has been a considerable increase of Floridians suffering from severe anxiety and depression. Based on health insurance reports on therapy and counseling, Florida ranks Number 8 among the top 10 states with the highest increases in mental health cases. Actually, the pandemic and the related financial, social and environmental issues that came with worsened other underlying problems that have been causing anxiety and depression to many Floridians ever since Hurricane Michael.

Fears of the devastation wrought by hurricanes have been compounded by the health risks posed by the continuously evolving coronavirus strain. Today, Florida, along with Texas and California are the three states that have the highest number of coronavirus cases.

According to the the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Orlando there are about 181,000 children and 660,000 adults in Florida currently suffering from serious mental illness, from severe depression to bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. It is expected that at some point in the lives of nearly half of the state’s population will struggle with milder forms of mental health problems.

The myriad  problems faced by Floridians are affecting every class of neighborhood that public health agencies are reporting that there is now an epidemic of anxiety and depression is now occurring throughout the state.

Understanding Why Floridians Have a Deep-Seated Fear of Hurricanes

Ever since the massive devastations wrought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Floridians have developed a deep-seated fear and anxiety of hurricanes. One of the actions taken by the government was to upgrade the Florida Building Codes. Houses and buildings, particularly in the Northwestern Florida area. Enacted in 2002, the state required to the use of roof straps, while doors and windows had to be upgraded with impact-resistant and hurricane-safe materials.

Although the improvements have been helpful, the spate of major hurricanes that hit the state between August 13 to September 25, 2004 still inflicted devastating damages to the lives and properties of many Floridians.

In 2017, a more destructive Category 75 cyclone named Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida and caused damages that surpassed the havoc wrought by Hurricane Andrew. A year later, another Category 5 hurricane named Michael made landfall, which resulted in unprecedented damages. The wind and storm that surged nearly wiped out Mexico Beach and he devastation was unprecedented:

Michael nearly wiped out coastal properties in Mexico Beach and in several parts of Panama City. That is why during hurricane seasons in Florida, which lasts from April to November, anxiety levels run high in the minds of Floridians, while other are still struggling with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by the Hurricanes Irma and Michael.

Home Insurance Costs in Florida and Their Impact on Property Owners

Many insured homeowners who took advice from roofing contractors regarding necessary roof repairs, were denied claims for reimbursements by their insurance company. Such cases have increased the stress experienced by homeowners as they are now finding it difficult to claim reimbursements from their insurance.
Moreover,private insurance companies in Florida have increased insurance premiums while in some areas, have rejected or cancelled home insurance coverage.

Although new laws have been enacted in Florida in order to address heightening home insurance problems in Florida, part of the guidelines prescribed bar roofing companies from offering insured owners help in the processing of insurance claims.

The Roofing Company | roof repair & roof replacement) warns insured homeowners that before closing a roof repair deal with a contractor, make certain that the roofing contractor must also present proofs of their insurance coverage for public liability, property damage and workers’ compensation. As it is, insurance companies have been blaming roofing repair fraud as a major reason for denying claims for reimbursements of roof repairs.